"Excuse me, I've gotta take this call" - see the demos.

The best fake/prank call/caller apps on Google Play Store for Samsung(Galaxy), HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T Android-based phones and gphones

Get Fake-Call Me Free version for your Android phone

Fake-Call Me - Free Version

It can ring your phone in a preset number of seconds or at a specfic time to give you an escape from mind-numbing conversations, pointless meetings and encounters with people you don't wish to speak to.

- Fake name and number as any caller with selective fake in-call voice.
- Fake the caller's voice to make the fake conversation more beliverable. Have presidential candiate Barack obama and Mitt Romne call you for support. Multiple voices are included for Halloween prank calling: spooky, scaring, haunted screaming woman, crying baby, creepy voice
- Spoof, prank, get an excuse to get out of any situation
- Customize incoming fake calls's ringtone & vibration setting
- Schedule a fake call at a specific time
- Use this application as an alarm as you can use alarm yourself with your desired ringtone at the desired time
- It doesn't use your minutes!
- Even works in areas with no signal.
- It's a lifesaver! You'll never have to go out on a limb again.

Note: you should press the back button to end a fake call.

see the demos

Testimonials from users on Google Play Store

Christopher - "this app works like a charm"
Charley - "I totally fooled my wife into thinking an old girlffriend was calling. Classic!"
Anonymous - "Surprisingly useful. already called me serveral times. Functions great with Droid/Moto"
Lucas - "I use it just to test my ringtone"
Joel - "It works great for filmmakers when there's a cellphone scripted in a scene that hast to ring. Finally no more asking a crew to call"
2guys1droid - "the coolest app ever"

Get Fake-Call Me Free for you Android phone Get it on Google Play Store.

Get Fake-Call Me Pro Version for your Android phone

Fake-Call Me - Pro Version $0.99

Fake-Call Me Pro provides the following options to make the fake calls more believable and fun:

- Select different contacts and schedule multiple fake calls to get yourself to bail out really tough situations.
- Use with existing contacts and their associated ringtone and photo settings on phone book. You can also customize ringtone and vibration.
- Add fake-call to your phone's call log. so it looks as real as it can get!
- Widget, shortcut for quick fake-calling. You can use guesture on home screen to trigger a fake call if you use home application such as Go Launcher Ex that supports using guesture to invoke a shortcut.
- Choose from pre-recorded voices(including your own recording) to enable in-call voice playback once the fake call is answered. The feature is the perfect solution to the problem that most other fake call apps have, i.e. that you have to talk to yourself to make the fake-call believable, but you may not have the acting skills. So the person sitting next or opposite to you will believe that you are taking a real call.
- Have presidential candiates Barack obama and Mitt Romne call you for support.
- Over 10 creepy pre-recorded in-call bundled voices are included just for your Halloween fun: spooky, moaning ghost, psycho laughter, crying babies, screaming woman, threatening killer, eval screeching cat, haunted house

Note: you should press the back button to end a fake call.

see the demos

Testimonials from users on Google Play Store

Skyler - "One of the most useful apps out on the market, on regards to calls"
Juan - "Exellant and effective app!"
FHL09 - "Awesoe with the great voices pre-installed and quick reply to questions/suggestions via email. 5 stars!"
Robert - "Going pro is definitely worth it. It's fund and a time saver when you need to leave"
Mike - "Really great for getting you out of a jam. Simple controls and easy setup"

Get Fake-Call Pro for you Android phone Get it on Google Play Store.

Supported phones: TMobile G1, MyTouch, Verzion Droid, Motorola Milestone, Defy, Droid X, HTC Hero, Wildfire, Aria, Thunderbolt, Sensation, Inspire, Sense, Desire, Tatoo, Legend, Incredible, Google Nexus, Eris, Samsung Galaxy and many other Android-based phones.

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